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Renovation Trends and Floor Sanding

Renovation Trends and Floor Sanding

Some aspects of home design and building remain constant, while other things change due to technological advances and design trends. Sometimes the old technology is still used, but in a different way, because of new factors that are added to the home.
Hardwood floors remain a popular option, at least partly because they are so long lasting. But we might vary the design and use of hardwood floors in light of other advancements in home and building technology.

Sustainability and Floor Sanding Sydney
We are more aware of environmental concerns than previous generations. We know we have an impact on the ecosystem. This creates a preference for either building materials that lost longer, or for other materials that cause minimal environmental impact.
Hardwood timber floors last for a century or more. This means they don’t need to be replace in a single lifetime, so they cause less environmental damage than we might expect.
If we continually replant trees to replace the harvested timber we actually help to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

Colour trends – Floor Sanders Sydney
We might decide to have a lighter or darker floor to suit a change in décor. If we re-sand the floor then we can re-stain it a lighter or darker colour. A dark coloured wood can be given a lighter finish with lime washing. Any wood can be stained to a darker colour.

Modern Lighting – Floor sanding Sydney
It is now more common to have dimmable lights, or light that change from ‘daylight’ to ‘candle’, or late night settings. We find many homeowners will want décor that suits these different mood lights. This includes timber floors that might be finishes to look good under many different lighting conditions.

Cleaning and floor sanding Sydney
Modern devices like vacuum robots make it easy to clean a hard timber floor. This prevent damage to the floor surface, removing dirt and grime that would otherwise cause scratching.
Even simple innovations like microfiber cloths make cleaning much easier on hardwood floors.

Floor sanding northern Beaches
Timber floors are a permanent part of your home. But you can change their appearance, or simple give them a facelift, with re-sanding, re-finishing and re-polishing.
Think of the décor options possible with a re-sanded floor.