Repairing and Restoration

Repairing and Restoration

A solid timber floor is resilient and long lasting, but no flooring is indestructible. From time to time it becomes necessary to replace wooden boards and repair floors.

Minor Damage and Surface Re-sanding

Some damage, especially if caught early, can be repaired with top coating. This can cover scuffs and scratches and restore the look of a new floor.

Some more serious damage, deeper scratches and wear, can be removed with surface sanding. It is quite common to re-sand solid timber floors. Many people consider this re-sanding to be part of the regular maintenance of a timber floor, and have the surface re-sanded about once per ten years. This re-sanding will make even a moderately damaged floor look like new again.


Severe Damage

Occasionally timber flooring will suffer serious damage. Floorboards can warp with moisture and give an uneven surface; sometimes that moisture can cause the wood to rot. Else, the timber can occasionally crack leaving the floor severely compromised.

All flooring damage must be assessed on a case by case basis. The type and extent of damage will vary greatly and repairs must be carried our accordingly.

We have the skill, equipment and resources to repair and restore any timber floors.