Staining and Liming

Floor Stain and Liming

Wooden flooring can be given any colour with professional staining. Our professional workforce and equipment will meet the highest expectations in any floor sanding Sydney wide.

Staining can either change the colour of the timber floor or strengthen the existing colour. It can also highlights the wood grain. We have a rich variety of stains and patina, giving customers a wide range of colours and shades. Our team only start colour staining after thoroughly cleaning and preparing your floors. There will be no mess left afterwards.

There are two general options for applying a floor stain. The first applies the stain directly to the timber, with a great deal of flexibility regarding colour and depth. The second option mixes the stain with polyurethane, a simple a reliable method but with fewer colour and depth options.

We advise of the best staining options for your floors, and can provide the type of stain and finish you prefer. These high quality products penetrate and seal your floor while giving you the look and colour you want.

We know how

  • How we should sand the floor for quality even staining.
  • We will introduce enough stain sample before you make mind
  • We know how to apply stain evenly.
  • We use quality floor stain product.

Looking for timber floor staining or perhaps floor sanding Sydney. System floor can satisfy your choice.

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