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After Floor Sanding Sydney

If you have had your wooden floors re-sanded, or if you want your unfinished new floors to have a certain austere look, consider lime wash.

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Lime wash developed as a means of protecting wood, an inexpensive alternative to paint. But people liked the light colour of lime wash and the way it enhanced the grain. So lime wash became popular for some types of décor.

Lime wash is a mixture of calcium hydroxide and chalk. When applied to an open grain floor this given a smooth yet powdery appearance, rather like the chalk that is part of the wash. Lime washed floors can really brighten up the look of a room.

An unexpected benefit of lime wash is that it doesn’t show the dust. Floors will look pale and clean as long as they are free from footprints.

The look of lime wash and be combined with a protective polyurethane coating.

Floor Sanders Sydney

A floor cannot be lime washed if it still has a vanished or painted surface. If you want the look of lime wash than have the floors sanded first. And consider a protective coat with the Lime stain.