Floor Sanding Northern Beaches

Steam Cleaning Mops

Floor Sanding Northern Beaches

Floor sanding will remove virtually all superficial damage from a hardwood timber floor. This includes scratching and stains. It also includes more serious damage like warped floorboards

Of course it is far better to prevent problems than to be forced to fix them latter. Floorboards should not suffer any serious warping under normal conditions. But they will warp if subjected to moisture or perhaps other environmental factors.

One potential problem here is incorrect cleaning methods. Hardwood should not be cleaned with a wet mop as the water can soak into the joint between the timber, where it causes damage. The is especially bad with untreated timber surfaces. A damp mop is fine, but not a soaking wet one.

Another issue is steam cleaning. Steam mops came on the market in about 2005. And they proved a useful way to clean many hard floors. They were free from chemicals, so the proved environmentally friendly. and many people adopted these for cleaning all type of hard flooring.

But while steam mops are fine for surfaces like tiles, which are waterproof, they are not appropriate for timber. The steam is a problem at at least two levels. Both the moisture and the heat of the steam risks warping the floor.

Only use steam mops on tiled and other waterproof floors. Timber floors are best cleaned with sweeping and soft brush vacuuming. Occasional damp mopping is also fine.

Floor Sanding Northern Beaches

Look after your hardwood floors and they will last for decades. And if they do suffer damage from heavy furniture of people tacking grit into the home they can have their surface re-sanded to restore the original appearance.