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Renovation Trends and Floor Sanding

Renovation Trends and Floor Sanding

Some aspects of home design and building remain constant, while other things change due to technological advances and design trends. Sometimes the old technology is still used, but in a different way, because of new factors that are added to the home.
Hardwood floors remain a popular option, at least partly because they are so long lasting. But we might vary the design and use of hardwood floors in light of other advancements in home and building technology.

Sustainability and Floor Sanding Sydney
We are more aware of environmental concerns than previous generations. We know we have an impact on the ecosystem. This creates a preference for either building materials that lost longer, or for other materials that cause minimal environmental impact.
Hardwood timber floors last for a century or more. This means they don’t need to be replace in a single lifetime, so they cause less environmental damage than we might expect.
If we continually replant trees to replace the harvested timber we actually help to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

Colour trends – Floor Sanders Sydney
We might decide to have a lighter or darker floor to suit a change in décor. If we re-sand the floor then we can re-stain it a lighter or darker colour. A dark coloured wood can be given a lighter finish with lime washing. Any wood can be stained to a darker colour.

Modern Lighting – Floor sanding Sydney
It is now more common to have dimmable lights, or light that change from ‘daylight’ to ‘candle’, or late night settings. We find many homeowners will want décor that suits these different mood lights. This includes timber floors that might be finishes to look good under many different lighting conditions.

Cleaning and floor sanding Sydney
Modern devices like vacuum robots make it easy to clean a hard timber floor. This prevent damage to the floor surface, removing dirt and grime that would otherwise cause scratching.
Even simple innovations like microfiber cloths make cleaning much easier on hardwood floors.

Floor sanding northern Beaches
Timber floors are a permanent part of your home. But you can change their appearance, or simple give them a facelift, with re-sanding, re-finishing and re-polishing.
Think of the décor options possible with a re-sanded floor.

Floor sanders Sydney

The Importance of Floor Sanding

The Importance of Floor Sanding Sydney 

It is very important to have a good background about timber floors and how to do floor sanding effectively; in this way you can tap the right people when you need help. Floor sanders Sydney is definitely an essential topic to talk about when you finally decide it’s time to do some floor sanding.

Moreover, when living in a beautifully crafted Sydney home for a while, you may see a worn, scraped up, dirty, and damaged wood floor. Due to this, you might feel incredibly intimidated. A great temptation may come and tell you to cover it up. Better yet, the voice in your head may tell you — throw it out, entirely!

Before you obey those negative utterances, you must understand that wooden floors are not only a high-priced asset to a home, but an absolutely beautiful aesthetic. If you want them floors shiny again, floor sanding is necessary.
According to “System Timber flooring, sanding, polishing service”, the benefits of sanding hardwood floors include:

-Sanding can repair damage incurred from small repairs or wear and can secure loose nails or planks.

-Sanding allows you to re-stain your floors to achieve the color and looks you desire.

-Sanding can give your floors a brand new look. After the sanding they will feel much smoother as well.

-Floor sanding is crucial for people who want to properly maintain their wooden floors and their home overall. However, when attempting to hire someone to do the job correctly, it can be both intimidating and exhausting; check out System Timber Flooring Sanding and Polishing Service so you may be led to a trustworthy company to do the floor sanding for you.

To properly take care of wooden floors, it’s important to have pertinent info about timber floors and how to do floor sanding effectively so you can tap the right people when you need help. Floor sanders Sydney is an essential topic to discuss when you finally decide to do some floor sanding.

floor sanding northern beaches




Timber Floor sanding Northern Beaches is a quite popular subject for discussion especially to people who are in the house or building construction business.

Anyway, why sand a wood floor? If we direct this question to flooring contractors, typical responses may include: so we could repair damage to the floor; to change the color; so we could change the finish sheen; or to protect the investment (sanding will preserve and restore the beauty of a wood floor).

There are even more reasons, but the main reason to sand a floor, whether it be new or existing, is to bring out the beauty of a renewable resource (wood) that can usually be repaired instead of replaced. A typical nail-down, ¾-inch, tongue-and-groove wood floor can be re-sanded a number of times by a competent professional flooring contractor; most beginning floor contractors would’ve a tendency to sand too much off the floor, decreasing the overall life and leaving little or no wood for the next sanding. Based from this perspective, contractors sanding a flooring that’s made of wood have a huge responsibility to protect and maximize their customer’s investment and make that floor last as long as possible. I want to emphasize that fact that we are discussing floor sanding Northern Beaches because it is quite essential to people who are in the house or building construction business

Source and Supply of Timber

Source and Supply of Timber

Source and Supply of Timber

Even with the advent of modern synthetic products we still use timber for a lot of building. It is widely used for structures and framework, outdoor decking, internal and external doors, trim, window frames and for quality flooring.

Source and Supply of Timber
Timber used for building is usually from areas of forest that have been set aside for logging. These areas should be replanted for future use.
Obviously timber cannot be used straight from the tree. Once the trees are cut they are processed at a mill. This produces the various boards /timber planks used for building and most other carpentry purposes.

Wood may be processed for different purposes. If the timber is to be used indoors it will be given some treatment to protect against rot and fungus. This treatment varies with the species; some trees have a certain amount of natural resistance to these problems. Any wood that is used outdoors, say for telegraph poles or decking, will be given additional protective treatments.

Buying Timber
Years ago timber was supplied by those companies who cut and milled it. This had a disadvantage, as any buyer needed a reasonable knowledge of both the type of timber and their own building project before making an informed purchase. Today, timber is bought from those who deal with it at a professional level. They can advise on the best timber for any situation.

Flooring specialists are well versed in the type of timber used for floors and building. So they source and supply the right materials and advice for this application. Other timber suppliers, like hardware stores, supply and advice on this and other type of timber.

There are several type of timber used for flooring. Some of this is simply support for other types of flooring. Other timber, usually higher quality, is used as the final product. These hardwood timbers are durable, long lasting, and usually of attractive appearance.

When choosing hardwood floors it helps to look at the hardness of the material. And to choose timber that can be finished (stained, lime washed …etc.) in a manner that suits you home décor.

Floor Sanding Northern Beaches
Hardwoods floors are a selling feature for any home. They last as long as the building, often over a century, and that can be re-sanded to restore their original ‘just installed’ appearance.
If your timber floors look worse for wear than you can have superficial scratching and damage removed with professional re-sanding and polishing. The results are impressive.

Bamboo Alternative

Timber and Bamboo Floor sanding Sydney

About a generation ago, in the 1990s, builders started using bamboo as a flooring material. Bamboo had some advantages, but as is often the case with a new material there were some problems when it was first used.

There were a few advantages to bamboo. It was moderately priced and could be processed to look like many different hardwoods. Furthermore, it grew extremely quickly, so it was an environmentally friendly and renewable source.

Unfortunately, bamboo flooring was prone to scratching, at least on the surface. The main body of the bamboo planks were quite stable, comparable to good quality wood, but the top surface was easily scratched.

The situation improved over time, and bamboo was given a protective coating that largely prevented scratching at least for a few years. So new bamboo flooring was notable better than old.

But an ongoing disadvantage of bamboo flooring is that it cannot be re-sanded. Hardwood can have the very top removed by re-sanding, exposing a fresh woodgrain surface. But bamboo is made of fibres. Any attempt at re-sanding will destroy the top protective layer and simply expose the rough fibres beneath.

One promising possibility is strand woven bamboo. This is much harder that earlier type of bamboo flooring, being highly compressed when manufactured.

If you are interested in bamboo flooring then stand woven bamboo seems the most durable option.

Floor Sanders Sydney

Hardwood timber remains the best option for long term flooring. It will last for decades, even when re-sanded.

Alternatively, cheaper flooring options can be used and replaced after a generation, though these will not have the appearance, natural appeal or selling advantage of good hardwood.

Have your hardwood floors periodically re-sanded, and essentially have a new floor.

Air Pollution

The air of many buildings and homes will contain many pollutants and chemicals. These some from cleaning products, furniture, building materials, and some other sources. Flooring materials like carpet are one sources of chemical pollutants.

Flooring materials may contain formaldehyde, which will seep into the air. This is probably the most common household pollutant. In moderate doses formaldehyde will cause repertory problems, eye irritation and constant lethargy. Some people are more sensitive to formaldehyde than others, though all people will suffer if the exposure is more than moderate. Individuals with allergies may find that the formaldehyde will aggravate the allergy.

There is not positive aspect to chemical exposure. So it is best to keep the chemicals content of the air as low as possible.

Floor Sanding Sydney

Timber floors are healthy because they are a natural product with minimal processing. This means they are unlikely to cause allergies, and will have no artificial chemicals outside of any protective coating (which is optional)

Polyurethane protective floor coatings will release some chemicals into the environment. It is best to let these coating air out for a few days before using the room.

Other floor materials.

Most other floor materials like carpet or synthetic products will release chemicals into the air when they are first installed.

Reduce air pollution by:

  • Always air out rooms when the home is new or after renovations. New carpet are renovations, as is fresh paintwork.

Open windows and doors in the home or renovated room, use fans to circulate the air.

  • Cover new carpets with bi-carb of Soda for a few days, then vacuum.
  • Use an electronic air filter a few times per week
  • Indoor plants help clear the air. And they require minimal maintenance.
  • Use environmentally friendly cleaning products whenever possible.
  • Never mix chemical cleaners- this can create toxic compounds.
  • Store chemicals in a ventilated outdoor area.
  • Install exhaust fans above stoves, and in bathrooms and toilets.

Floor Sanding Northern Beaches

Natural timber flooring is one of the most environmentally sound building materials. Timber contains no artificial chemicals and will cause no health problems.

Timber can be re-sanded to restore its original appearance. Timber floors will easily last a century even if they are re-sanded every decade.