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Preserving Timber Floors

Floor Sanding Northern Beaches

Hardwood floors are a sizable investment. They are more expensive than most other flooring materials, but they look great and last for decades.

Given their cost we want to preserve the appearance of timber floors. These precautions will prevent superficial damage, scratches and dents, from ruining the timber floor’s surface.

Furniture Pads

Hard objects like the legs of tables and chairs will ruin the surface of a timber floor. we can prevent this by using plastic or cork coasters/pads under all furniture. In some cases we can simply put the furnishings on a rug.

Moving furniture.

Dragging anything along a wooden floors is a recipe for disaster. Just the act of moving any furniture across the floor is risky. But as the room will have some furniture moved in after the floor is installed so the act of moving furniture in the room is inevitable.

Putting cardboard or Ram board (available from hardware stores) on the floor will provide fine protection when moving furniture into the room. This even works for heavy objects like pianos or fridges.

Regular Cleaning

If there is dirt on the floor it will cause scratches, at least to the surface finish of the floor. Sweep of vacuum the floor with a soft brush attachment every other day and you will greatly reduce the risk of scratching from dirt and grime.

If is fine to mop the floor with a damp sponge or mop. But do not use wet mops or steam cleaners as there cause the floorboards to warp.

Rugs and Mats

Rugs and mats feel good underfloor, and the help protect the floor. But the rubber backing on some of these rugs and mats can discolour the floor or ruin the shiny finish. Felt backing is usually safer. Some rubber backing is also safe.


Shoes that track in dirt and mud, or any high heels, will scratch the floor. Leave all shoes at the door, and wear slippers in the home.

Floor Sanding Northern Beaches

Timber floors can be restored by re-sanding and re-finishing with a protective coating. Preserve the new appearance of your timber floors with a few sensible precautions.