Floor Sanding Northern Beaches

Finish – Gloss, Satin Matt

Floor Sanding Northern Beaches

You will get a crisp modern appearance when you have the floor re-sanded. This essentially gives you a new floor, removing any scratches and superficial damage.

After then re-sanding you need to have the floor stained or coated. A stain will change the colour of the floor, giving dark timber look or a bright natural ‘raw timber’ look, depending on the type of timber you have. Or you can have the floor given a protective coating.

It is quite possible to both stain the floor a different shade, and then give it a clear protective coating.

Protective Clear Coats

A clear protective coat will protect the floor against moisture and wear. This both prevents stains from liquid spills, and thus prevent the floor from buckling from moisture. The hardness of the clear coating will also prevent some scratching.

Protective coats are usually polyurethane. this is available in three main finishes, gloss, satin and matt.

Gloss – This is a shiny clear coat, which is very popular. But it is also high maintenance if we want to keep this shiny appearance. It certainly looks impressive when it is new, but constant wear on the floor will steadily ruin the glassy shine. Glossy floors also tend to show dust, grim and other marks.

Satin – This is another popular choice, giving a smooth finish that is reflective but not glassy. These floors will not who dust or other marks too prominently.

Matt finish – This is perhaps the hardest wearing floor surface. It is smooth but not shiny, and hides light scratches and marks quite well. It retains its appearance for many years.

Matt finish is often the best option, especially if you have constant traffic through the room from children or house pets.

Floor Sanding Sydney

Good timbers floors are a considerable investment, and add value to the home. They will last for many decades, certainly much longer than most other flooring options. You can restore the initial appearance of you floors with re-sanding, and help to maintain them with a protective clear finish.