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Installing Engineered Timber Floors

Installing Engineered Timber Floors

While solid hardwood is great there are other options, like engineered timber floors. There have advantages that suit some situations.

Engineered Timber floors have a thin layer of attractive timber affixed to multiple layers of extremely strong, stable wood. The top layer looks like genuine, solid hardwood, and actually is the same material. But engineered timber floors cost lest and prove strong and stable.

Advantages of Timber Floors:

  • Resistant to moisture- Because of the multiple layers, with the grain running in different directions, the floorboard will not bend noticeable when exposed to moisture. Solid timber tends to bend in a manner that relates to the direction of the grain. But engineered timber does not have a single grain direction, so any forces acting on the timber pull in different directions and cancel out.
  • Easy installation – Engineered timber planks lock into the adjacent planks because they are manufactured with ‘tongue and groove’ edges. This makes for fairly easy for DIY installation. They can even be installed without nails and glue, making them a floating floor.
  • Floating floor is great for sound or thermal insulation. This can be engineered timber over any other floor. a layer of soft material between the floating floor and the sub-floor will dampen noise and help keep temperatures stable.
  • Environmental Factors – Only a small amount of expensive wood is needed for engineered floorboards, so they do not deplete us of rare, slow growing tree, at least not as quickly. This allows time for more exotic timber to be regrown.
  • Heated Floors – Some people like to heat their floor with hot water pipes or electrical heating elements. Engineered timber suits this well because the boards are stable with temperature changes.

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We can install a variety of floors, including hardwood and engineered timber. These can accommodate different insulation and heating situations.