Floor Sanding Sydney


Floor Sanding Sydney

Installation of timber floors has it difficult aspects. Solid timber is difficult to work with, but its extreme durability and lifespan make the cost and effort worthwhile. Floating and engineered timber floors are not too difficult to install, and are suitable for home DIY projects. But there can be some problems here.

Timber planks are relatively easy to install when every thing is a set of straight parallel lines. The long timber planks fit neatly into a square or rectangular room; it is easy to cut them to length, and easy to fit them into square corners. However, problems occur the we have to fit the floor to an irregular shape.

Sometime we have to fit a floor around a fireplace, or a round column, or some other irregular shape. This is difficult for a couple of reasons. One issue is cutting an irregular shape into the timber. But even more difficult is getting the exact shape right. It is difficult to measure or reproduce the irregular shape that the floor must fit around.

One very useful tool for this is the contour shape duplicator. This is a series of loose flat slats that fit around a shape, and are then locked into place. This gives a fairly accurate impression, actually a complementary impression, that can be used as a template for accurately cutting the floor.

The timber floor can be cut with a jigsaw cutter, or perhaps with a file, once the right shape has been found.

Floor Sanders Sydney

Good timber floors last for decades. Use professional installers to make sure the floor exactly accommodates the rooms of you home.