Floor Sanding Northern Beaches

Sun Damage

Floor Sanding Northern Beaches

All interior part of the home are susceptible to damage by sunlight. The Ultraviolet (UV) component of sunlight, the energy that causes sunburn on skin, can also cause fading on fabrics, carpet, furnishings and wooden floors. We should protect the contents of our home, particularly the floors, from this UV damage.

UV can cause timber floors to fade, especially if they have some clear coatings. Many coatings will discolour in the sun. Some oil based polyurethane coatings will turn yellow when exposed to sunlight, though this can look pleasantly ‘antique’ on some types of timber floor. Other coatings look old and worn after long term exposure to sunlight.

Plain glass windows do offer some protection against sunlight. Plain glass will block out more than half the harmful UV rays. But the UV coming through will steadily cause damage.

We can increase window protection by adding UV films to windows this removed 99% of all the harmful UV rays. UV film is relatively inexpensive, though it is a little tricky to fit to the window. Modern UV films are almost as transparent as glass. Older UV films were tinted, much like sunglasses.

Of course we can achieve a fair amount of UV protection inside by installing blinds or curtains. The amount of protection varies according to the material. Light curtains offer mild protection. Solid shutters and blinds offer nearly 100% blockage. This UV protection will prevent damage to the floor or the furnishings, though the curtains or blinds themselves will fade over time.

Floor Sanding Northern Beaches

Timber floor will suffer superficial damage as people walk upon them. They might also be damaged by sunlight or water. Re-sanding will restore the appearance of many timber floors.