Floor Sanding Sydney

Floating Timber Floors

Floor Sanding Sydney

Solid timber floors have many advantages. They are easy to sweep clean, they last for decades, and they cannot harbor allergens. One disadvantage is that they do not suppress any noise. The sound of a person walking on a timber floor is louder than a person walking on carpet.

One way past this is to put rugs on the floor, but that has similar problems to carpet, where the fabric harbors dust and allergens.

Another alternative is to put down a floating floor. This is a timber floor that is put on top of a solid sub-floor, with some absorbent material between. This type of floor will dampen a great deal of sound, and also provide thermal insulation, keeping the room at a constant temperature.

Floating floors are not attached to the sub-floor; they are not glued or nailed into place. Instead, the individual boards of the floating floor lock together with their tongue and groove edges. This is why the floating floor provides dampening and isolation.

Floating floors can be swept and cleaned like any hardwood floor, and look quite similar. But they provide that extra acoustic and thermal insulation.

Floor Sanding Sydney

We can install solid hardwood floors or floating timber floors, ideal for so many homes.