Floor Sanding Sydney


Floor Sanding Sydney

Timber floors have so many advantages, being easy to sweep clean, super low allergen, and extremely long lasting. They are suitable for most situation, but not all. A few rooms in the average home, like bathrooms or areas prone to dampness, would be better fitted with tiles or other flooring materials, rather than timber floors.

Some common queries:

Can timber floors be put over concrete?

Usually this is fine, and reasonably common. But it may not be possible is some humid conditions. The moisture content should be less than 2/4%.
If the area does suffer higher than ideal moisture then a plastic sheet under the floor, between the timber floor and the concrete below, might make a timber floor possible.
Engineered floors will tolerate moisture a little better than solid wood floors.

What condition must the subfloor be in if we want a floating floor?

As long as the subfloor is clean, dry and reasonably level then a floating floor can be put in. Having an old floor in poor aesthetic condition is often the reason to put a floating floor in.

Does the subfloor need to be perfectly level?

It doesn’t need to be perfect. There can be minor fluctuations, as long as they don’t exceed 3 mm in height. Any hollow space in the subfloor can be filled.
It is not too difficult to level out a concrete floor with a decent leveling compound.

Is it possible to use underfloor heating?

Sure. Underfloor heating, either with water pipes or electrical wiring, has become popular recently. And this is fine for engineered timber floating floors.

Is engineered timber okay for a kitchen?

Yes, this works well, as long as the floor is kept reasonably dry. Mop up any spills promptly, and put a rug under the sink area, and there should be no problems.

Does timber change in sunlight, does it fade?

Sunlight will cause some timbers and their coating to discolour. But this tends to be slight if the floor in inside and way from windows.
UV film on windows will virtually remove all fading, both on the floor and with all furnishings. This is a worthwhile investment.

Must we use underlay under an engineered floor?

Yes, this is part of the installation. It gets rid of any unevenness in the subfloor. And it also reduces the sound of people walking on the floor, and helps heating/cooling insulation.

What about repairs?

Timber is fairly durable. But is a plank is damaged it is not too difficult to replace it, while retaining the rest of the floor.

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Timber floors last for decades. But if you want to restore their original appearance then they can be re-sanded to look like new.