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Painting Timber Floors

Floor Sanding Sydney

Painting is one very common way to redecorate your home. Repainting walls is often a good idea, and quite common in decor changes. Sometimes the floors are painted too. But this is rather a mixed blessing. Usually floor painting is not the best option. It will cover up, some would say destroy, the natural appeal of a timber floor.


Repainting a floor is reasonably cheap. And it doesn’t require any complex skills, so a home DIY person can do this over a weekend.

Painting can cover up a lot of floor imperfections. Small scratches won’t show. So you do not need much prep work. Just thoroughly clean the floor and paint. But if there are slightly serious problems with the floor, deeper scratches or dents, then the paint will not really do too much. These things need to be fixed before painting.

Painting will allow virtually any colour. A white floor will make a room look open. a fancy colour can look very modern. As long as there is a decent floor surface you can have any colour that works for your decor ideas.

A cheap floor can look good with paint. It may look far better than bare concrete.


Paint tends to wear very quickly. So you may need to paint every few years. by contrast a decent timber floor will last for 10 years or more before it needs re sanding.

Paint will stain a quite easily, especially on floors. Wall paint doesn’t have people walking all over it, so staining is less of a problem. But we cannot avoid walking on floors, so wear and stains are inevitable.

Paint doesn’t suit every decor. It tends to look neutral, uniform and rather unfancy. it works for rustic, or eccentric modern, but not a homely type of room.

Paint will not cover a badly damaged floor very well, or even larger scratches or dents. So it is not a quick fix for many situations.

It cannot be emphasized enough, paint will cover the natural look of the a timber floor, and timber often looks better if it is done properly. Do you really want to lose the look of timber on the floor?

If you do decide to go back to wood then there will be a lot of effort in removing the paint.

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It seems a pity to paint a decent timber floor. Painting will make the floor a uniform colour, which at least looks tidy. But a polished and perhaps re sanded timber floors will always look much classier.

Have your timber floors restored so they look as they were meant to look.