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For many generations home owners and builders have had the choice of many synthetic floor materials or natural timber. Natural timber was often considered the best choice, even if it was somewhat more expensive. But more recently there has been a new option. Bamboo is a natural flooring material that offers come advantages over other options. And it can be made to look just like natural timber.

Bamboo is actually a grass rather than a wood. But when it is fully matures it offers a similar durability to the better quality timbers. And because it is fast growing it is fully mature in only 5-7 years, as opposed to timber which takes decades to grow properly.

Because of the fast growing cycle, and the economics of harvesting, bamboo is fairly cheap and environmentally friendly. so it offers a good flooring material, similar to timber, at a much lower cost.

– Much like timber in appearance when processed. Or it looks good as natural bamboo.
– Easy to care for, just sweep or vacuum
– As solid as good quality timber.
– Environmentally friendly.
– Very long lasting

– Like almost all floors it doesn’t handle water too well. But really, only concrete can handle water.
– It can be dented by a hard impact or heavy objects, much like any timber.
– The surface can scratch easily. This has been the bane of all older bamboo floors. More recent bamboo materials claim to be scratch resistant.
– Bamboo cannot be re-sanded. This is the major limitation of bamboo. Where timber can be re-sanded several times bamboo cannot be sanded at all.

It is this last factor that really limits bamboo. Timber floors and bamboo floors will both last for decades, but where timber can be re-sanded to restore its original appearance the bamboo will just accumulate scratches over time. There is nothing to be done about this.

Floor Sanding Northern Beaches

There are many modern flooring materials. But only timber can be re-sanded for restoration. Look for timber floors for long lasting style.