Under Floor Heating

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Some homes are heated with electrical wiring or water pipes beneath the floor boards.

This principle of hydronic heating (hot water pipe) under the floor is quite old. The Romans used it centuries ago, and it has remained popular in Korea and some parts of upper Europe. In Australia it has only recently started to appear.

Underfloor heating has some advantages over other heating methods. It is fairly efficient because little of the rising heat is lost through the roof. It also feels quite natural to the occupants of the building, as if it is simply warmer weather.

Unlike air conditioning hydronic heating does not move air. So there are no drafts and there is no noise. The lack of drafts reduces the spread of germs.

Perhaps the best advantage of underfloor heating is the lack of hot surfaces, which means there is no chance of anybody burning themselves. The heat is evenly spread through the room.

Floor Sanding Sydney

Solid timber and engineered floors are quite well suited to underfloor heating. The Floorboards will not contract or expand much with the changing temperatures. As long as conditions have stable humidity the floorboards should be fine.

Harwood timber floors that have suffered surface scratching can be re-sanded, giving them a new top surface. This can be re-stained, polished or lime washed to provide the right look for your new floor.

Advise the re-sanding group if there is a heating system under the floor.