floor sanding northern beaches




Timber Floor sanding Northern Beaches is a quite popular subject for discussion especially to people who are in the house or building construction business.

Anyway, why sand a wood floor? If we direct this question to flooring contractors, typical responses may include: so we could repair damage to the floor; to change the color; so we could change the finish sheen; or to protect the investment (sanding will preserve and restore the beauty of a wood floor).

There are even more reasons, but the main reason to sand a floor, whether it be new or existing, is to bring out the beauty of a renewable resource (wood) that can usually be repaired instead of replaced. A typical nail-down, ¾-inch, tongue-and-groove wood floor can be re-sanded a number of times by a competent professional flooring contractor; most beginning floor contractors would’ve a tendency to sand too much off the floor, decreasing the overall life and leaving little or no wood for the next sanding. Based from this perspective, contractors sanding a flooring that’s made of wood have a huge responsibility to protect and maximize their customer’s investment and make that floor last as long as possible. I want to emphasize that fact that we are discussing floor sanding Northern Beaches because it is quite essential to people who are in the house or building construction business