Source and Supply of Timber

Source and Supply of Timber

Source and Supply of Timber

Even with the advent of modern synthetic products we still use timber for a lot of building. It is widely used for structures and framework, outdoor decking, internal and external doors, trim, window frames and for quality flooring.

Source and Supply of Timber
Timber used for building is usually from areas of forest that have been set aside for logging. These areas should be replanted for future use.
Obviously timber cannot be used straight from the tree. Once the trees are cut they are processed at a mill. This produces the various boards /timber planks used for building and most other carpentry purposes.

Wood may be processed for different purposes. If the timber is to be used indoors it will be given some treatment to protect against rot and fungus. This treatment varies with the species; some trees have a certain amount of natural resistance to these problems. Any wood that is used outdoors, say for telegraph poles or decking, will be given additional protective treatments.

Buying Timber
Years ago timber was supplied by those companies who cut and milled it. This had a disadvantage, as any buyer needed a reasonable knowledge of both the type of timber and their own building project before making an informed purchase. Today, timber is bought from those who deal with it at a professional level. They can advise on the best timber for any situation.

Flooring specialists are well versed in the type of timber used for floors and building. So they source and supply the right materials and advice for this application. Other timber suppliers, like hardware stores, supply and advice on this and other type of timber.

There are several type of timber used for flooring. Some of this is simply support for other types of flooring. Other timber, usually higher quality, is used as the final product. These hardwood timbers are durable, long lasting, and usually of attractive appearance.

When choosing hardwood floors it helps to look at the hardness of the material. And to choose timber that can be finished (stained, lime washed …etc.) in a manner that suits you home décor.

Floor Sanding Northern Beaches
Hardwoods floors are a selling feature for any home. They last as long as the building, often over a century, and that can be re-sanded to restore their original ‘just installed’ appearance.
If your timber floors look worse for wear than you can have superficial scratching and damage removed with professional re-sanding and polishing. The results are impressive.