Flood Damage

Floor Sanding Sydney – After floods.

Water damage is one of the few legitimate threats to hardwood floors. All the worse because flooding is often not covered by most insurance policies.

Wooden floors suffering some small scale water damage can often be repaired, though it depends on the extent of the damage and the type of water.

Clean Water

Though clean water flooding is very inconvenient the floor can often be recovered. Wood will quickly soak up water when flooded, and this water is slow and difficult to remove. If the surface water is quickly drained away the remaining water, which has soaked into the timber surface, can be removed with absorbent material and air circulating fans.

If the water that is soaked into the wooden floor is left to long there will be problems with mould, mildew and fungus. Once this has set in the floor is irreparably damaged, and the room will probably cause health problems.

If the floor can be dried in time, so that there is no mould or mildew, it can be restored. But the water will probably have caused swelling and buckling in the floor surface, making the whole floor uneven.

Re-sanding can restore a wooden floor to virtually new condition, removing the uneven surface left by clean flood water.

Grey Water Flooding

Grey water is liquid from sinks, dishwashers, bathtubs, washing machines, fish tanks and other similar sources. It tends to by unhygienic, and any damage from these is a possible health hazard. Wooden floors that have been flooded with grey water will probably need to be replaced. All carpeting and furnishing infected with grey water will need to be disposed of.

Grey water can be used to water gardens, but has no other use.

Black Water Flooding

This is water from sewage, or water for large scale floods that has contacted the ground outside. It is an extreme health hazard. Any floors in contact with black water will need to be replaced or decontaminated. This requires expert advice and treatment.

Black water must be avoided. It has no practical use.

Floor Sanding Northern Beaches

Hardwood floors affected by clean flooding can often be restored with re-sanding.