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Homeowners may decide to renovate their house and property at some point. This can entail many alterations. Wall painting is probably the most common task, but furniture, kick-knacks, carpeting and many other elements of a home may also be changed.

Wooden floors can be re-sanded as part of home renovations. Re-sanding of the floor basically returns it to a new appearance. Only a thin layer of surface wood is removed. The resulting floor is bare timber than can be re-stained and re-finished in many different manners. The floor can have the original look restored, or be coloured in a completely different way.

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Many clients will include a repainting of the trim (skirting boards) when the floor is re-sanded. Some instruction on this can proves useful.

  1. Use blue painters tape to mask of the edges of the wall where they join to the trim
  2. Put plastic and / or cloth groundsheets on the floor, to avoid any dripping paint.
  3. Use painters tape along the floor where the floor meets the trim, to avoid any paint getting on the floor.
  4. Stir the paint thoroughly
  5. Use a 2 inch ANGLED paint brush to apply paint to the trim
  6. Only dip the paint brush to one third of its bristle length into the paint
  7. Remove excess paint from the brush, and Tap the brush on the inside of the can
  8. Hold a paint guard against the wall above the area where you will paint the trim
  9. Paint with your dominant hand (usually right) and hold the guard with the other hand
  10. Apply paint lightly with strokes in one direction.
  11. Start painting a dry area and work towards an area already painted.
  12. Keep painted areas in a zig zag or random pattern; straight lines are too easy to see.
  13. A short, stubby brush might help in tight areas like corners.
  14. If the paint is too thin in any an area, wait till it has dried, sand lightly, clean, and repaint

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Good hardwood can last for over a century. Hardwood timber floors can re-sanded to restore their ‘just installed’ look.

If you are renovating, or if you just want the hardwood floors to look like new, consider having the floors re-sanded.